Sensation 22 Deck

Introducing the Sensation 22 Deck, the ultimate expression of a very special breed of excitement from Sensation Boats. With generous seating capacity, superior power, and reliable construction, this boat is surely dear to any leisure boater’s heart.

Sensation Boats have been supplying the industry with quality-built crafts for the past 11 years, and their Sensation range features a unique lamination schedule that puts the strength where it’s needed without adding unnecessary weight, thus increasing performance and fuel economy.

The 22 Deck’s interior is laid out to maximize onboard room without adding unnecessary weight to the craft, making it ideal for skiing, tubing, or wakeboarding. It also offers excellent handling capabilities, meaning that skipper’s won’t be able to resist the urge of opening her throttle to send her skimming down the river or dam.

Advancing the deck/sportboat hybrid concept, the 22 Deck handles the open water safely and contains all the amenities you and your large crew demands.

Generous cockpit seating capacity and luxurious sun island helps define this ultimate expression of a very special breed of excitement.


Length: 7.5m
BeamL: 2.6m
Weight: 1840kg
Pax: 10 people
Minimum HP: 260HP
Maximum HP: 300HP
Bouyancy: +/- 60%

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