Sensation 24 Deck Outboard

The Sensation 24 Deck is a true champion when it comes to deck layout. It boasts a comfortable and spacious design that ensures all necessary comforts are catered for and more. With the capacity to carry up to 10 passengers, this craft is perfect for group outings. The stern section of the cockpit features an L-shaped lounger that can seat up to four people comfortably. You can also fold down the backrest for an even larger sun deck.

What’s more, this craft has an onboard head located in front of the co-pilot, providing convenience and privacy for everyone onboard. The dash swings open to reveal a generously sized unit that’s perfect for longer trips. All in all, the Sensation 24 Deck is the ultimate vessel for those who value comfort, convenience, and style.

Does it look good – from general aesthetics to the smallest detail? Does it leave a taste of success in your mouth when saying you are the proud owner? Does she feel great when you’re on-board and even better when you take the helm?

Is there a certain aroma present, like fresh leather or crisp morning air? Does she purr like a kitten when idling but roar like a jaguar when you let her loose?

The Sensation 24Deck is one such a boat – she satisfies all your senses


Length: 8.1m
Beam: 2.6m
Weight: 2140kg
Pax: 11 people
Minimum HP: 320HP
Maximum HP: 400HP
Buoyancy: 60%+

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